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Your Unique Journey

Integrative counselling is a unique experience tailored to each individual client that I have the privilege of working with. Talk therapy has numerous benefits and I have been successfully helping clients with my approach for many years. I meet you where you are, without judgement, expectations or demands. You are free to bring whatever is troubling you and we proceed at your own pace.

So what will therapy with me look like? Compassionate and supportive. You may wish to engage because you want a safe space for reflection and facilitated introspection, to understand more about yourself and your own unique processes. Some clients come to explore the impact of their life experiences and the messages they absorbed. Perhaps you feel triggered and anxious at times and want help exploring your thoughts, feelings and reactions to people, places and situations. Some clients want resourcing, stabilisation and grounding techniques, while others want to explore their why's and some clients are mainly concerned with the what now?

It is important to remember there is no 'right' issue to bring to therapy. I feel we can all benefit greatly from taking the time to slow down to better understand where we are, why we got here and where we want to go. Just as no two clients are the same, no two therapy journeys will ever be the same and it is important that you feel comfortable to bring whatever feels right for you. 

I provide one-to-one, in person therapeutic support for a wide range of issues and concerns. I am an accredited counsellor and also a Europe accredited EMDR practitioner. EMDR has numerous benefits, please contact me today to learn more.

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