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The Benefits Of Engaging

Is therapy right for me?

Each of us can experience difficult periods in our lives. I don't think any of us are immune to this, and usually we cope by engaging all of the internal and external resources that we have available to us. We make sense of things by drawing from our knowledge of past experiences, we talk to our family and our friends, we engage in methods that we know calm and soothe us. But sometimes our usual methods of coping just don't seem to be enough to meet the needs of this new situation, thought or feeling we are facing, and this is when professional counselling can help.

Often I hear from my clients that one of the many benefits of therapy is how helpful it is having the space to say the things they couldn't imagine telling anyone else. There is a real sense of being seen and heard, a felt experience of unburdening, but without the guilt of passing this burden on to loved ones. Therapists are equipped with the tools and skills to help you unravel your issues and concerns in a safe and supported way. 

Insight leads to awareness and behavioural changes. An increased sense of self-awareness often leads to a greater sense of self control and self-compassion. Learning about yourself, why you do unhelpful things and think in unhelpful ways can greatly increase your capacity for making different choices for your future. 

Learning new coping methods, grounding skills and resources will help to increase your emotional resilience for the future. Developing relational abilities by trusting and opening up in therapy, can increase your ability to communicate more effectively with those around you.

Telling your real experiences to someone who values and accepts you, just as you are, can enhance your self-acceptance and lead to you feeling more positive about yourself in general. We are all worthy of the help, support and clarity that therapeutic services can offer and there is so much to gain by engaging.

EMDR can help you make new connections at a neural level, overriding the imprints of the past.

Make yourself the priority that you are, and reach out to discover what your benefits of therapy will be.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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